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SCRIPTURE: Acts 4:29-31 emphasis on v.31 - "And when they had prayed... they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak the word of God with boldness and courage."

 Do you find yourself to be a bold person?  When it comes to our favorite sports team, our children or grand-children, or something recently good that has happened to us, we usually have no issue telling it to someone.  Sounds pretty bold to me.  Why aren't we the same with what Christ has done for us?  What if the reason is that we are not praying for it?  It's as simple as saying, "Make me bold, TODAY, NOW!"  We have so many opportunities to speak, let us not waste our words, because they have the power of life and death!
PRAYER FOCUS: We, as believers in Your Son, have the Holy Spirit so the same power that caused the disciples to be bold is within us.  Holy Spirit, wake us up to the opportunity we have to day to powerfully share the Gospel of Christ, boldly and confidently.  And if we must, let us use words to do that!