What To Expect at FLCC?

What are Sunday services like?

  • We have have Sunday School services beginning at 9:15 in the Family Life Center and worship service at 10:30.  Worship service lasts until about 12:00.
  • At FLCC, we believe prayer is very important and set aside time each week to pray together.  You’re not required to participate.
  • Our sanctuary holds about 225 people.  Before service feel free to mingle and chat.

What are the pastor’s messages like?

  • The morning message (about 45 minutes) gives us a great biblical teaching and understanding of how to apply the lessons from the Bible to our lives.
  • We believe studying the truth of God’s word and study its depth to increase our understanding and to grow in our relationship with Him.

What is the music like?

  • Our music is a blend of modern and traditional styles.  Worship usually includes acoustic guitar, piano, drums, and singers.
  • Some people raise their hands during service, which is an expression of praise and respect to God.  By no means is this expected of you but if you desire to outwardly express yourself feel free!

Do you take an offering?

  • We believe we should give back a portion of what God has generously blessed us with.
  • We do pass an offering plate during the service.  You are under no obligation to give.