Personal Questions about Ministry

Personal Questions about Ministry  Mark 1:40-45   Irrelevant questions. Does he deserve it? Will he appreciate it? Relevant questions. Do I have compassionate concern? Do I have the power to minister? Am I willing to minister?

The Church With the Open Door

Philadelphia 2- The Church With the Open Door Revelation 3:7-13 Identification of the Son of God with the church. (v. 7) He is identified by character. He is identified by office. Jesus issues the church a commendation. (v. 8)    Jesus makes no complaints about this church. The church faces opposition. (v. 9) This opposition…

The Self-Satisfied Church

  Apocalypse Series: Laodicea 2- The Self-Satisfied Church Revelation 3:14-22 The Lord is identified with this church. (v. 14) Jesus is identified as the “Amen, the faithful and true witness”. Jesus is identified as “the Ruler of God’s Creation”. The Lord issues a complaint and offers counsel to this church. (vv. 15-18) Jesus’ complaint is…