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LifeGroups are small groups of believers meeting regularly and doing life together. LifeGroups allow Christians to connect in a unique way while growing and striving to be more like Christ.  In a traditional large group service it’s very difficult to become intimate with other believers, sharing in life’s joys and struggles.  


Hebrews 10:25
“And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.”


The Kingdom of God is stronger when the people of God gather together and are encouraged by one another. Gathering together allows us to help keep each other accountable, grow through study, and have positive influences in our lives.


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What is a LifeGroup?

A LifeGroup is a group of 5-12 people gathering together to connect, grow, and serve.


What happens in a LifeGroup?

A LifeGroup will take the shape of those involved.  Each group should consist of sharing together the struggles and joys of life, growing through Bible study, and serving God’s children in the community.  While those all may be present you may see one group focus more on Bible study while another focuses more on service. The small group setting gives each person encouragement and challenges that may not be present with the goal of becoming closer in their relationship of God.


How often do groups meet?

Each group is free to set their own schedule with a minimum requirement of gathering once per month.  Ideally a group would meet weekly or biweekly in order to connect, grow, and serve. 


Are married couples and singles in groups together?

Absolutely! LifeGroups contain both married couples and singles.


What do groups study?

The curriculum will be provided by Free Life Community church.


Is there childcare?

Each group is responsible for providing childcare.  Some groups include the children in some parts of the group and separate them in another room for other portions.  Each group decides the best course of action.