COVID-19 and What You Need to Know

Free Life Community Church Family,

Hello FLCC Family!  By now most of you have heard of Governor Holcomb’s new executive order requiring face masks beginning Monday, July 27 for all indoor activity.  Obviously this mandate doesn’t affect this Sunday, since it takes affect on Monday.  However, there are other factors involved, and after research and speaking to the Vigo County Health Department, I’ve decided to give some instructions on how we could/should operate in the coming weeks. 

First, let’s be very happy and excited that we can still have Church!  That is first and foremost to me.  But at the same time, I want to 1) Safe, 2) Respectful of Others’ opinions and fears, 3) and still honor God while allowing those who want to come to Church, to be able to do so.  Having said that, the following are the result of my research and decisions: 

  1. It’s better to have live church, than to do it completely virtually. This may happen again in the coming months, so I want to make live church available to those who desire it.
  2. According the Governor’s Office and the State Health Department, churches are covered under Exemption “O” of the mandate, which means that if we can effectively social-distance family by family, we do not need to wear masks. Therefore, we’ll not require masks at this time for those who absolutely do not want to wear one.  But we will need to stay 6 feet away from non-family members in our household, and at this time I will RECOMMEND that folks wear a mask, just to keep people as safe as possible.  So please wear a mask coming in and moving around, and then when you are seated and able to distance, you may remove if you want to.  Obviously, the Pastor, speakers, and the Worship Team will have to remove their masks during the service.
  3. Please do not be judgmental of those who decide to wear a mask, and likewise not of those who decide not to.

Again, this might change in the coming weeks; we’ll adjust if necessary.  But I’d like to keep us all as safe and healthy as possible, so that we can get a handle on this virus, and keep church open.  We all need it…Amen?

We can still have church, and that is my main aim.  If we have instances of Covid-19 in our congregation, or Vigo County numbers rocket upward…we may have to go back to a virtual-only setting.  Blessings and thanks to all. 

In Christian love,

Dr. Dan Willis,
Senior Pastor