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Untapped, Wasted & Useless

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Untapped, Wasted & Useless

By Kris Robinson

Matt. 7:7-8

Before reading anymore into this post, I ask that you would seek my previous blog post (Inner Strength), knocking out the three steps suggested. I think Inner Strength sets this blog post up for you to fully grasp the magnitude of Christ’s words from today’s promise found in the middle of what we know as the ‘Sermon on the Mount’!

Matt. 7:7-8 (NASB) – “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.”

Before we get in Christ’s words, let me ask you about someone else’s words; specifically Stephen Covey, author of the book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  Do you know what Covey says is the number one habit?  To be proactive!  Think about it, “Your life doesn’t just “happen.” Whether you know it or not, it is carefully designed by you. The choices, after all, are yours. You choose things such as happiness, sadness, decisiveness, ambivalence, success, failure, courage, fear. Just remember that every moment, every situation, provides a new choice. And in doing so, it gives you a perfect opportunity to do things differently to produce more positive results” (Covey).

How do we get on the narrow path of being proactive?

  1. Ask – Sounds simple enough!  I mention in my Inner Strength blog post that waiting on the Lord means taking time with, trusting and talking to God.  One should really demonstrate the aforementioned, before they ask something of God.  So, what is it you need?  Do you think that an all-knowing, all-powerful God will give you an answer?  Dave Earley, talks about this act in his book The 21 Most Effective Prayers Collection, as an act of humility; “when used of prayer, ask is two-sided in that on one side you have our insufficiency, weakness, dependency and on the other God’s all-sufficiency, strength and dependability; for us, it’s a powerful connection.  Without it, God’s infinite ability to act on our behalf goes untapped.”  Because after all, Christ says, “ask, and it shall be given to you.”
  2. Seek – I love what Matthew 6:35 says, “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you.”  When we have the intent of seeking God, especially in prayer, He invites us to ask things of Him.  The idea is that a proactive Christian has such an intimate relationship with God that when he or she asks something of God, it’s typically of a proactive nature and not reactive.  For example, in a tough situation, circumstance a proactive person may ask, ‘God, what do You want me to learn?’ rather than, ‘God, why are You doing this to me”, wasting time focusing on self.
  3. Knock – Ever heard the saying, “Opportunity is knocking at the door, so you better go answer it”?  For a Christian there are so many opportunities knocking at our door; yet, we’ll only answer those that we feel good about or benefit us the most.  What’d happen if we started making choices and asking God to put us where He’s at, instead of Him blessing our decisions?  The problem lies in our passive thinking as Christians, that we are supposed to be meek and mild in other facets of their lives.  Don Wildmon puts it this way in one of his essays, “Me? I go to church, the minister preaches, I go home. That’s what Christians do now.”   This thinking makes for a lot of useless God-given opportunities.

Therefore when Jesus says, “ask, seek & knock”, He’s really saying faith requires action. We often know what we ought to do, but we either don’t do it or delay in doing it. We have emotional faith and/or intellectual faith, but not active faith.  In his book, Master Your Money,  Ron Blue says this about being proactive, “We know but. . .We may know deep down what God would have us to do, but we are so bombarded with worldly input, which seems to be acceptable, that we are paralyzed. We take no action because of the fear of making a mistake. Or we are frustrated and confused. We do only what we feel good about.”

God wants us to be proactive. He wants to hear and answer our prayers, know us on an intimate level, and pour out the storehouses of blessing and opportunity! It all begins with prayer (to ask), and us taking time to hear His answer (seek Him).  “Someone said, “if our request is wrong,  God says, ‘No’; if our timing is wrong, God says, ‘Slow’; if we are wrong, He says, ‘Grow’.  If our request is right, timing is right, and we are right, He says, ‘Go!’.”  He will answer if we will ask (opportunity); so what are you waiting for?

Post & re-post this blog on your FB and someone else’s that you think needs to read about God’s promise of answering prayer.  And ask yourself what you are going to do about being a proactive Christian on Free Life’s FB!

Kris Robinson is an Assistant Pastor at Free Life Community Church in Terre Haute, Indiana.