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The Support System

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The Support System

By Kris Robinson

2 Chronicles 16:9a (NIV)

For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him.

In the last blog (Weakness > Strength) I shared with you God’s promise of sufficient grace:

2 Cor. 12:9 – “But God said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My Power is made perfect in weakness!”

Seems like a contrasting idea right?  God’s power comes from our weakness?  I like how Chip Ingram really points to this idea with these questions, “What situation in your life looks insurmountable right now? A marriage heading for the rocks? A child breaking your heart? A doctor’s report with the word “Cancer” written on it? What circumstance in your life is so big, so overwhelming, so difficult that it looks impossible to conquer?”

So what’s too big, complicated, impossible for God?

What I think God is saying through Paul is, until we recognize our true, undeniable need for God, we will overlook Him and get crushed by the circumstance!  Therefore, God’s power is made perfect when we are in those moments of fear or faith; are we going to trust Jesus to handle it or resort to world, self, or the alternative for failure?

And now what today’s promise points to is the condition God is looking for in our hearts; full commitment!

Are you fully committed to Him?

What areas of your life, according to God would you say needs some help?

Has God been calling you to something that seems impossible; especially for you?

Chip in his study on Breakthrough, I think really helps us grasp this promise with this statement:

“How do you experience the first step of breakthrough?  It is so easy to say, and so hard to experience.  Are you ready?  It’s to believe that God is good.  Not intellectually – I mean,  believe!  It’s to believe that He is willing.  It’s to embrace that God wants to do, NOT something hard or difficult, but the impossible in you and through you.  That’s His will.  If you were one of His disciples, He would turn to you, He would look you right in the eye, and say, “You reach your neighborhood.” “What?”  “You be the breakthrough at work.”  “What?”  “You take the first step in the reconciliation of this marriage.”  “What?”  “You break that addiction, and bring other people with you.”  “What?”  It’s what He expects.  And all the power is available to do it.”

God wants to the impossible through you and it’s more than intellectually saying, “I know!”

You may be stuck, but it can happen; BELIEVE and commit yourself to God!

HOMEWORK: Go home, find Psalm 23, and read it over with your name as the personal pronoun. For example

vv.1-2 “The Lord is Kris’ Shepherd. Kris lacks nothing.  He makes Kris lie down in green pastures, He leads Kris beside quiet waters.”

Kris Robinson is an Associate Pastor at Free Life Community Church in Terre Haute, Indiana.