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Moving Forward in the New Year: Challenges We Must Accept

Moving Forward in the New Year Challenges We Must Accept Philippians 3:13-14 Making a difference in the modern society. This is completely biblical. Matthew 5:13-16 1 Peter 2:9 We need to accept the challenge. (Of making a difference in our world.) We must show society that Christ is the answer. Evangelizing our own community. We…

Love That Changes the World

Love That Changes the World  Matthew 2:1-12 Changes culture. (Herod’s world) Who is Herod? Deception and hypocrisy reach their height in Herod’s lifetime. (2:7-8) Greed and hatred escalated to an all-time high in Palestine during Herod’s reign. (2:16) Christ continues to transform culture. Changes seekers. (Wise men) Who are the “wise men”? Honor to the…

The Vision Of The Time Of The End- Part 3 (Revisited)

Sermon Series on Daniel The Vision Of The Time Of The End- Part 3 (Revisited) Daniel 11:36-12:13   We have a guardian when in distress. (Daniel 12:1)    “At that time”. Michael the Archangel. Our deliverance. We have an inheritance assured in heaven. (Daniel 12:1-2, 12-13) A very significant promise. There will be Resurrection. There…