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Daniel: The Dream Of The Four Beasts

Daniel: The Dream Of The Four Beasts

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Sermon Series on Daniel

The Dream Of The Four Beasts

Daniel 7:1-28

  1. Description of the dream.
  1. The date.
  2. Details.
    1. Part One:  The four beasts from the sea.
      1. The four winds of heaven stir up the Great Sea.
      2. Four great beasts coming up out of the sea
        • The lion.
        • The bear.
        • The leopard.
        • The terrifying, frightening, and very powerful beast.
    2. Part Two:  An awesome courtroom judgment.
      1. Ancient of Days seated.
        • The judgment of the four beasts.
      2. Part Three:  The coronation of the Son of Man.    
  1. Interpretation of the dream.
    1. How it affected Daniel.
    2. What does it mean?
    3. Daniel’s conclusion.