Christ The Lord; Giving Up the Keys

Truth Series:  Christ The Lord; Giving Up the Keys-Philippians 2:5-11 What does it mean to say, “Jesus Christ is Lord”? It means that Christ is master of one’s life, that he is sovereign. It means loyalty. What right does Jesus Christ have to be Lord? He has the right of lordship because he is God….

The Miracle of the Method

The Miracle of Christmas Series: The Miracle of the Method -Romans 11:33 God’s methods are beyond us. Part of the miracle of Christmas is the miracle of the method. Human exemption. God’s methods are the right ones. God’s methods include us. God includes shepherds. Consider the method. God’s methods haven’t changed. God’s methods sanctify us….

The Miracle of the Message

The Miracle of the Message -Hebrews 1:1-3 God speaks through history. God has been speaking throughout history to reveal Himself to us. 400 years of silence. God speaks through the Christ. The arrival of Christ. The reason for Christ’s arrival. God speaks to transform. The “How?” The “Why?”

The Miracle of the Moment

The Miracle of the Moment -Galatians 4:4 Christ came at the right moment. Miracle on 34th St. The Miracle. Christ provides at the right moment. Many people will be content to go through the motions. God’s promises. God’s promises continued. Christ says now is the right moment. People are always waiting for just the right…

Truth Series: Christ and Fear – Psalm 27:1-5

Truth Series: Christ and Fear – Psalm 27:1-5 The Bible deals extensively with the problem of fear.  Quite simply; we are afraid. The psalmist overcame fear. We can overcome fear. Jesus suggested that faith should dispel fear. What are we afraid of? Christ tells us to evaluate ourselves. (Matt. 6:25-26) Christ tells us to accept…

Entering God’s Gates with Thanksgiving

Entering God’s Gates with Thanksgiving  -Psalm 100   Thanksgiving is the only appropriate response. For what God has done for us. Because God is these things, we have no right to be anything but thankful. How could we be anything other than thankful for what God has done? Thanksgiving brings a change of attitude. What…