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Kris Robinson

A Thought to a Kill

A Thought to a Kill Acts 23:12-22 By Kris Robinson If I were to tell you that butter in your coffee tastes pretty good!  What do you think of that? How did you respond? Do you have a bad taste in your mouth because you know what both of those things taste like apart from…


Say What You Mean To Say

Say What You Mean To Say ACTS 22:22 – 23:11 By Kris Robinson John Maxwell says, “effective leaders know not only what to say, but HOW to say it in order to most powerfully impact their listeners.  When they speak, they take into account impact, not image.  They evaluate their audience and communicate in a…

Acts 22:14-16

  Acts 22:14-16 By Kris Robinson   A month or so ago, I attended the Indiana South District Conference for the Wesleyan Church.  Let me tell you, you can’t spell Indiana South District Conference without FUN!  It was so much fun, that during most of the proceedings, I was able to finalize a sermon outline! …